Mining and Mineral Processing

Environmental Dewatering

TenCate Geotube® technology provides cost-effective and efficient dewatering and containment in the mining and mineral processing industry. In mining and mineral processing (mine tailings, coal sludge, etc), TenCate Geotube® dewatering technology enables the recovery of valuable materials, provides structural stability, improves water quality, or reduces storage footprint by sometimes 50 to 80%. Conditioners or polymers are normally used to promote flocculation to improve dewatering rates, solids retention, filtrate quality and increase in solids consolidation within the tubes.

Simple, Versatile TenCate Geotube® Dewatering Technology Is Ideal For:

  • Pond and Lagoon Maintenance (polishing ponds)
  • Tailings Management
  • Water Resource Management (water reclamation and reuse)
  • Beneficial Reuse (dyke and berm construction)
  • Precious Metals Recovery
  • Emergency and Disaster Management (uninterrupted mining operations)
  • Acid Mine Drainage (for active or inactive mines)
  • Specialty Applications
  • Geosynthetics

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