Case story

Cancun Beaches

Mexico, Cancun

Geotube® Shoreline Protection and Breakwater Construction Bring Cancun Beaches Back To Life

The famed white sand beaches of Cancun, Mexico have been pounded mercilessly by storms in recent years. The Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico suffered greatly from the destructive forces of these storms, and the aftermath included a tremendous toll destroying lives, property and tourism. Beautiful views and long stretches of sand were eroded, creating steep drop-offs and caused significant flooding and structural damage to buildings.

TenCate Geotube® containers were installed for the emergency shoreline protection and restoration effort. These works also included a large breakwater off Cancun’s shoreline built with Geotube® containers to alter the wave patterns, to help replenish the hurricane-damaged beaches and protect ocean-front resort property from future erosion.

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